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Why is the RSeries™ a Popular Fire Rated Downlight Range?

28 June 2022

Fire rated downlights have been popular in residential installations for many years and have advanced with new technology, higher quality lenses, better designs and greater efficiency throughout the years. And they continue to evolve and make life easier for contractors whilst delivering better quality light and longevity for homeowners.

Unlike other fire rated downlights, the RSeries offers multiple benefits with the main one being that it comes with a choice of 36 wattage & colour temperature combinations!

Unsure of Colour Temp? Trial on Installation

Aurora’s RSeries allows users to choose the most suitable and desired colour and wattage on installation. The IP65 downlights offer the choice of single colour, colour switchable and a wattage and colour switchable option. Colour switchable options are 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

Wattage and Colour Switchable options are 4W, 6W, 8W and 3000K, 4000K and 5700K, offering a total of 36 combinations, which is a great feature for both the contractor and wholesaler. The range provides up to L70 50,000hrs and a generous 5 year warranty.

Detachable Driver, Screwless Cable Strain Relief

Developed with the contractor in mind, the RSeries has been designed for an extremely easy and quick install. Featuring a FastRFix connector with loop-in loop-out push terminals for use with either solid or stranded cable. There is a screwless cable strain relief allowing you to simply close the cap to secure the cables in place for a fully tool free installation.

Low Height for Shallow Ceiling Voids

These new downlights have a slim height of 50mm so are ideal for low ceiling voids. Supplied with a white IP65 polycarbonate bezel, with matt black, polished chrome and satin nickel options available to purchase separately. The downlight and driver are both insulation coverable.

Fire Rated and Joist Testing

Over the past 15 years Aurora has established itself as one of the largest fire rated downlight manufacturers in the UK and at the forefront of compliance and testing, ensuring that at all times our downlights comply and meet with the latest approvals and regulations governed by the residential building industry.

Recently, developers have changed their construction methods in respect of joists and ceiling configuration whereby tests and assessments achieved with old construction methods do not achieve compliance with the new engineered joist designs.

Aurora continues to be at the forefront of testing relevant product ranges with industry leaders in I-Joist and web joist manufacture; Staircraft, Steico, James Jones, Metsä and Wolf Systems, ensuring that whichever joists are used in the build, Aurora has the answer.

View Joist Compliant Downlights

When selecting from the RSeries and all of Aurora’s fire rated products you can be sure that all relevant fire rated tests have been carried out and that the product is compliant with current building regulations.