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Choosing Floodlights for Coastal Environments

31 May 2023

Choosing Floodlights for Coastal Environments

External lighting in coastal areas requires careful specification. Any luminaire that is exposed to the elements is at risk of damage and decay, because these environments which are exposed to sea spray, salty air and humidity, are high in saline. By their nature, they also have increased levels of chloride ion, which is harmful to metals and materials and will lead to corrosion.

While many high wattage floodlights have been designed to withstand these challenging and harsh conditions, it is not as easy to find floodlights for residential and smaller commercial settings.

Yet floodlights can offer a number of benefits in these types of applications. They cover a wide angle, ensuring a lot of ground can be illuminated from just one fixture. This makes them ideal for wayfaring, safety and security, which are advantageous in residential and commercial settings alike.

Aurora Lighting has considered all of these factors when developing the Vela™ range. This lower wattage family of floodlights offers all the benefits of floodlights specifically for residential and smaller commercial settings, with the ability to withstand harsh coastal conditions.

This is proven through the benefit that Vela is salt spray tested and approved for use in these areas, which means it won’t fail even in inclement conditions. Other non-tested solutions are unlikely to offer this longevity or reassurance of durability.

Further evidence of the Vela robustness is the IP65 rating, which is now offered across PIR and non-PIR variants of the floodlight. The PIR options offers added control to save money and energy in lower footfall areas.

For larger commercial applications, Aurora Lighting offers the Proxima; a larger wattage floodlight range.

For more information on the improved Vela range, click here.