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What is Corridor Sensing Control and What are the Benefits

30 June 2023

What is Corridor Sensing Control & What are the Benefits?

Presence detection in long narrow spaces requires a specific type of solution. More general presence detectors will have a broader angle range, but will not always give the length required to sense movement that is approaching from further away.

Corridor sensing control has been specifically developed to address this need. For outdoor environments, pathways and walkways may be long but narrow, and corridor sensing control is the right technology for these spaces.

Looking at the microwave corridor sensor option for the MestorCWS™ from Aurora Lighting, the detection beam is 120°, with a range up to 4m. This ensures excellent detection coverage of long, narrow environments – switching the light on when presence is sensed.

This has a safety benefit; ensuring the path or walkway is illuminated when someone is walking through in darker hours. It also acts as a security feature, lighting up the area to ensure no presence is undetected.

The other significant benefit is improved energy efficiency. By only lighting an area when it is use, energy is not wasted by having a light on all of the time.

Corridor sensing capabilities are not always pre-planned, and can sometimes be a recommendation once an LED solution is on-site. To accommodate last minute requests and changes in requirements, contractors should consider choosing LED lighting solutions that have a plug and play offering.

By choosing plug and play functionality, contractors can adapt a standard solution to a corridor sensing LED quickly and easily – even at short-notice. The MestorCWS from Aurora Lighting is a great example of this, offering a plug and play microwave corridor sensor option.

For more information on the MestorCWS click here.