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Why choose a bulkhead with microwave sensing

23 April 2023

Why Choose a Bulkhead with Microwave Sensing?

Bulkheads are a common light used to illuminate outdoor spaces including paths, steps and doorways. Their prevalence in commercial and industrial applications demands they are hardy, robust and durable.

Furthermore, as they are used outside, they need to be capable of withstanding the elements. This includes rain, cold and extreme heat.

The Hercules™CS from Aurora Lighting is a great example of a bulkhead that offers this high level of protection, with IP65 and IK08 ratings. The HerculesCS also offers the option of teaming the bulkhead with a modular microwave sensor. A microwave sensor is an advanced motion detector, only switching the lights on in response to movement.

This can save a great deal of energy, particularly for an outside light that only needs to be on when the area is being used. It also has a security benefit, lighting up the area if motion is detected, which could act as a deterrent to unwanted behaviour.

A microwave sensor is an ideal motion detector for an outside light as it offers consistent detection across a range of temperatures. This is in comparison to PIRs which can be unreliable in low and high temperatures, over and under triggering respectively.

With the HerculesCS from Aurora Lighting offering a modular approach to simply and easily combine the bulkhead with a microwave sensor, this makes it an attractive option for projects that require reliable motion detection.

More information on the new HerculesCS can be found here.