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Specifying Linear LED Solutions in Retail Settings

31 May 2023

Specifying linear LED Solutions in Retail Settings

Linear lighting is growing in popularity, thanks to its versatility in shape, length and the effects that it can create. LED linear lights are highly energy efficient, and can be an excellent choice for a range of projects. For retail environments, linear lighting is a great option to illuminate differing areas including shop floors, stairwells, changing rooms and more.

Here a guide on what to look for when specifying linear lighting into a retail project.


Retail spaces by their very nature can be unusual or non-standardised shapes. Choosing a linear LED solution that is an interconnectable fixture allows for installation in longer runs, which can then fit more abstract spaces. It also offers the ability to create lighting effects and creative illuminations.

Aurora Lighting’s InterLEDCS™ is a great example of this, being supplied with connectors to offer a straightforward installation.

Colour switchable

Selecting a linear LED solution, such as InterLEDCS, that is colour switchable means allows for on-site decisions to be made on colour temperature. The contractor can be sure that they can meet the needs of the project with just one solution, as it can be selected at the point of installation.

With the flexibility to choose between 3000, 4000 or 6500K, this also allows for a uniformity throughout the retail space. The same linear LED can be installed in differing areas, with softer colour temperatures selected for communal areas, and higher colour temperatures for showcasing products.

Choice of styles

It is always beneficial to choose a range of linear LEDs that has options with regards to style. For example, the InterLEDCS is available in a white or black finish, allowing for the colour to contrast or complement surrounding décor. Two different colours also enable a mix and match approach, so the lighting is uniform but both finishes can be installed in different areas, if suitable.


While stock and store layout will change, lighting can be in place for a long time in retail settings. By choosing a linear solution with a 50,000 lifetime – for example, InterLEDCS, this offers reassurance that once fitted, the lighting can remain in place for as long as needed. Further peace of mind is assured through Aurora Lighting’s 5-year warranty.

For more information on the InterLED CS range, click here.