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Key Features to Look for When Installing LED Battens

23 April 2023

Key Features to Look for When Installing LED Battens

LED battens are a popular lighting solution, offering an energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to fluorescent lights and other traditional tube lights. They provide a similar footprint to classic solutions and high levels of illumination, making them ideal for a wide variety of commercial settings.

As they are such a versatile and well-utilised solution, there are plenty to choose from on the market. So, what are the key features to look out for when installing LED battens?

Adaptability on site

LED battens have developed greatly over the past few years, and many offer the ability to select wattage or colour temperature on site, at the point of installation. This enables contractors to take one solution to site, knowing it can be switched to suit the needs of that particular part of the project.

Taking this to a new level, the BatPac™CWS from Aurora Lighting offers switchable colour temperature and wattage. This gives even more control over the LED batten, including where and how it is used. It is believed to be the first mainstream LED batten to offer this capability.

Ease of install

While adaptability on site is key, an easy installation is really important as well. The BatPacCWS is a good example of features to look for that will support a straightforward and efficient installation. They include a push click mechanism, and a large gear tray, alongside knockouts for cable or 20mm conduit entry at each end of the batten. The loop-in, loop-out piano key terminal block is easy to connect to.

Quality build

LED battens are often used in harsh indoor environments such as warehouses and industrial settings. To ensure longevity, it is important to look for high impact resistance, as well as a wide operating temperature range. The new BatPacCWS is a solution that offers both of these key factors, with an impact rating of IK08 and an ambient operating temperature range of between -20 - +45°.


Some LED battens will need to be teamed with emergency packs and microwave sensors to fulfil their role within an installation. The BatPacCWS offers both of these that can be added on with a modular approach, and are sold separately so can simply be purchased as and when required.

More information on the BatPacCWS can be found here.