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What are the benefits of modular plug and play luminaires

07 February 2023

What are the benefits of modular plug & play luminaires?

Modular Plug & Play lighting is designed to offer a straightforward solution to a range of situations commonly found in electrical installations. With manufacturers offering an increasing number of plug & play solutions, here are the reasons it is worth exploring this as a go-to choice for luminaires.

1. Ease of connection
Plug & Play solutions are specifically designed to be easy to connect and install. Their name is indicative of this, as it’s a much quicker approach to electrical works. By choosing a solution that offers other benefits, such as the multiple BESA mounting points and drop- down gear tray on the LinearPac from Aurora Lighting, the installation can be completed even more swiftly.

2. Adaptability
Sometimes the luminaire that is specified for a job quickly becomes apparent it is not quite the right solution. With a plug & play luminaire range that adapts to fulfil other functions, such as the LinearPac from Aurora Lighting, a standard fixture can transform into an emergency or microwave sensor option. A contractor just needs to have stock of the EM or MS modules, and this can be achieved without any return trip to the wholesaler, saving time and allowing for the job to be completed more seamlessly.

3. Less storage and transportation
For the wholesaler, a flexible plug & play range like the LinearPac ensures stock levels can be controlled and less products need to be stocked – yet a fully encompassing offering is still available to the contractor.

More information can be found on the LinearPac here.