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Benefits of switching to LED lamps in your home

29 November 2022

Benefits of Switching to LED Lamps in Your Home

Benefits of Switching to LED Lamps in Your Home

GU10 fittings are extremely commonplace, and many homes will have a number of them in situ. Many bathrooms and kitchens have spotlights or downlights, while some living rooms, dining spaces, bedrooms and halls may utilise them in either ceiling or wall lighting.

With so many of them already in homes, it has been a positive step that manufacturers such as Aurora have developed LED lamps for use with GU10 fittings. This means it is possible for homeowners to simply switch out the old halogen lamp and replace them with an LED lamp.

For some homeowners, they may see this an inconvenience or a costly exercise. They may have a stock of old lamps they want to use up, or be worried about the elevated cost that can be associated with the shelf price of an LED lamp compared to traditional ones.

While these are valid concerns, the pay off is far greater than the cost saving of sticking to halogen lamps. This outdated technology is prone to failure, meaning homeowners can be regularly changing these lamps. LED lamps, such as the ICE Lamp from Aurora, has a lifespan of 25,000 hours and comes with a 5 year warranty. This means once it is in situ, it is going to last for years.

Data from the Energy Saving Trust shows that LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional halogen lamps. They also last five times longer and use 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light. Given the increasing rise in energy costs, using technology that draws less power will equate to lower energy usage and associated bills.

For homes where an enhanced quality of light is desired, perhaps showcasing artwork, superior GU10 lamps such as the ICE Lamp can be specified in a CRI90 option. This is another benefit of switching to LED, as the flexibility over options is much broader, allowing for a more bespoke lighting solution.

For more standard applications, LED lamps need not be over specified and more costly than necessary. Aurora is set to launch an entry level GU10 lamp – the ClearVu – which will offer a high-quality solution with a lower initial outlay, whilst also benefitting from a 15,000hour lifespan and a 2 year warranty. 

More information can be found on the ICE Lamp here.