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Considerations When Choosing LED Strip

28 October 2022

Considerations When Choosing LED Strip

When choosing an LED strip light for a kitchen or a bathroom, there are a number of key factors to look for. Firstly, to eliminate any hot spots that can be found in standard LED strip products, look for a solution that offers a continuous
run of light.

The LEDLineCOB Strip from Aurora Lighting is a great example of this. Supplied in a run of 5m, this strip lighting is ideal for a variety of settings including spaces with a larger footprint.

Secondly, it is important to look for ease of installation. LED strip light can often be fitted in hard-to-reach areas, such as above cupboards and under cabinetry. The LEDLineCOB Strip is provided with 3M™ self-adhesive tape, making for a simple install. It can also be cut at every 45mm to offer maximum flexibility.

It is important to decide what the lighting will be used for, as this will determine the colour temperature used. For task lighting, a brighter 4000K might be more suitable. For ambient lighting, 3000K will provide a warm glow.

For a kitchen or bathroom, it is important to choose a solution with a high ingress protection rating. While IP44 is a minimum, it is better to select an LED strip with a higher IP rating to ensure better protection. The LEDLineCOB Strip has an IP67 variant, which delivers the highest levels of safety in wet and humid environments.

To ensure the LED lighting offers longevity, look for a strip with a high lifetime of hours – the Aurora strip delivers an impressive 35,000 hours, and is backed up by a 3 year warranty.

Finally, it is important to ensure the strip has a compatible driver. Aurora’s LED Strip configurator is a useful tool when trying to specify compatible strip and driver combinations – something that can often be confusing.

More information can be found on the LEDLineCOB Strip here.