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Show products in category Need to Improve Commercial Spaces? Try Colour & Wattage Switchable Lighting

Need to Improve Commercial Spaces? Try Colour & Wattage Switchable Lighting

13 July 2022

The COVID outbreak has led to permanent hybrid working arrangements for several companies over the past couple of years; many businesses have become aware that to suit this new working style commercial and office spaces need to change and offer more flexibility than ever before.

When employees are in the office for only a few weekdays, hot desking is a popular way in which businesses can accommodate them whilst using what was desk space for different purposes, such as adding more meeting rooms, casual meeting spaces or lounge areas.

When businesses want spaces for different purposes, which might be next to each other in an open plan office, the lighting used can help differentiate one from another. By using different colour temperatures, each space can be tailored to suit each purpose, and with colour and wattage switchable lighting, customers can decide what they would like upon installation.

Colour & Wattage Switchable Lighting

Aurora Lighting, which has significantly enhanced its commercial range throughout the past year, has introduced Colour and Wattage switchable ranges perfect for offices, hospitals, schools and other applications. These include the ReflectCS™ downlight, the PavoCWS™ commercial downlight, the BatPacCS™ linear and OrbitalCS™ bulkhead.

The Downlights

The ReflectCS™ is a colour switchable IP54 downlight supplied with a remote triac dimmable driver as standard. It is a highly versatile downlight and ideal for multiple applications. Provided in several options from 13W - 35W offering up to 107lm/W, the downlight can be switchable between 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

The ReflectCS features a sparkling multifaceted aluminium reflector designed for exceptional light control and provides a 60 degree beam angle for focused downlighting.

Aurora also recently launched the PavoCWS™, which is wattage switchable between 10W, 13W and 16W and offers colour switching options of 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

The flexibility of this downlight enables the colour choice to be made as installations are taking place, providing businesses more visibility and control over their lighting schemes. So whether it's for a meeting room or reception, they can choose the colour they desire for each application as it’s installed. Delivering up to 99lm/W, the PavoCWS offers a surface mount option and comes with an adjustable cutout of 65-205mm. It's ideal for a range of commercial installations.

The Batten

Aurora’s BatPac™CS is a colour switchable LED batten that provides the direct replacements for single or twin fittings in size and output. It can also be surface mounted or suspended and the colour can be switched between 3000K, 4000K and 6300K, whilst delivering up to 130lm/W. .

The Bulkhead

The IP66 OrbitalCS™ bulkhead range is simple yet perfect for various applications. Available in two wattages, the beauty of this range is that, should it be uncertain what look is wanted in each area, the colour temperature can be switched between 3000K, 4000K and 6500K upon installation. This is an excellent option to have should you have areas that might need a warmer feel, such as bathrooms. Being both IP66 and IK10 rated, these bulkheads can withstand most types of weather conditions and are ideal for damp or exterior conditions. Engineered with a tough polycarbonate body and opal diffuser for even light output with no LED hot spots, all versions and accessories are impact resistant and designed to last.

These bulkheads can be made to suit various environments as they come with white and black housing and interchangeable eyelid bezels. There are also emergency and microwave options, with an adjustable hold time of 5 seconds to 10 minutes for the microwave option as well as an adjustable light detector offering added control for energy and financial savings.

With a life expectancy of L70 30,000hrs and a 5 year warranty, this range ticks all the boxes for any installation.

The Benefits

By purchasing these colour and wattage switchable products, contractors only need to purchase what they require yet still provide customers with a variety of options.

Customers also benefit from using these products as they can try out the different colour temperatures upon installation and change them until they are satisfied with their choice. They can, of course, also change them at a later date should the space be used for a different purpose.

For wholesalers, colour switchable products enable them to reduce their stock holding whilst still being able to offer a variety of wattages/colours.