Picture for category New Colour Switchable BatPac ™ Pro Linear & Upgraded Batten Ranges

New Colour Switchable BatPac ™ Pro Linear & Upgraded Batten Ranges

Aurora Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of our new linear and the upgrade of our batten ranges.
Mon 04 Jan 2021
Whilst hoping for a much brighter 2021, we look back at the new product launches and activities we introduced during 2020.
Mon 09 Nov 2020
Following the recent launch of its brand new Bluetooth Smart Lighting Solution - Connect.Control - Aurora has released a Christmas video highlighting many of its features. Take a look...
Mon 26 Oct 2020
We are pleased to unveil our latest new product - the Cosmos™ highbay. This powerful industrial solution has several benefits and can easily be made smart with our AOne Zigbee Smart Lighting range, al...
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Picture for category Make Bars & Nightclubs Sexy with Smart Lighting- it’s Simpler than Ever
Mon 09 Aug 2021
One of the main aims of a nightclub or bar is to make an instant impression on customers as soon as they walk through the door. Providing the ideal look and feel, which is appropriate for welcoming th...
Picture for category Illuminate Warehouses and Office Buildings with Floodlights
Tue 01 Jun 2021
Although there are small lights that can help illuminate exteriors in a decorative way, floodlights can make a strong impact and offer many advantages for office and industrial buildings, including wa...
Picture for category Enhance Exteriors and add Colour with our Garden Lighting Range
Tue 01 Jun 2021
There are more ways than ever before to illuminate property exteriors and create impactful and colourful outdoor spaces.
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