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Aurora's Princeton Linear Educational Lighting with UGR19

25 October 2023

Aurora Lighting, proudly presents the new Princeton Linear School Fitting, a game-changer in educational lighting. Engineered to elevate learning environments, this innovative fitting is set to revolutionise how we perceive and utilise lighting in schools.

One standout feature of the Princeton Linear School Fitting is its impressive UGR19 rating. Unified Glare Rating (UGR) is a crucial aspect of modern lighting, and UGR19 represents the epitome of visual comfort. By minimising glare and providing gentle, soothing illumination, this feature ensures that students and educators can focus and engage without any hindrance.

Incorporating a corridor microwave sensor option sets this fitting apart, exemplifying Aurora Lighting's commitment to sustainability and intelligence. The sensor facilitates intelligent control, optimising energy usage by adjusting lighting levels based on occupancy, thus contributing to substantial energy and cost savings.

As a testament to Aurora Lighting's confidence in their product, the Princeton Linear School Fitting boasts a market-leading 3-year on-site warranty. Darren Casey from Aurora says “This comprehensive warranty underscores the quality and durability of the fitting, providing users with peace of mind and assurance of a long-lasting, reliable lighting solution.”

In conclusion, the Princeton Linear School Fitting by Aurora Lighting is not just a luminaire; it's a comprehensive lighting experience designed to enhance educational spaces. With its UGR19 rating, wattage switchability, corridor microwave sensor option, and a remarkable 3-year on-site warranty, this fitting paves the way for a brighter, more efficient, and productive future in educational lighting.