Picture for category Meet the CX7™: 3 Colours, 1 Fire Rated Downlight

Meet the CX7™: 3 Colours, 1 Fire Rated Downlight

We proudly introduce our latest fire rated IP65 downlight to the Aurora portfolio - the CX7™.
Sun 07 Feb 2021
The Aurora Lighting Group has relaunched its Projects website unveiling a brand new architectural range and smart technology.
Mon 04 Jan 2021
Whilst hoping for a much brighter 2021, we look back at the new product launches and activities we introduced during 2020.
Mon 09 Nov 2020
Following the recent launch of its brand new Bluetooth Smart Lighting Solution - Connect.Control - Aurora has released a Christmas video highlighting many of its features. Take a look...
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Picture for category Sustainable, Efficient Offices, Enhanced Productivity & Well Being  with Bluetooth Smart Lighting
Fri 26 Feb 2021
Lighting has changed considerably throughout the decades and we are now in the digital era in which smart lighting can offer more sustainable, comfortable, flexible, ecological and aesthetically pleas...
Picture for category Test Multi  Languages
Fri 29 Jan 2021
Test Multi Languages
Picture for category Connect.Control™: How can it make a Bathroom Smart?
Thu 28 Jan 2021
Bathrooms are used at various times of the day and for different activities. Using smart lighting can transform it for whatever the activity may be. With AOne Connect.Control, our Bluetooth smart ligh...
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