Picture for category Aurora Lighting Ready for IntralogisteX 2020

Aurora Lighting Ready for IntralogisteX 2020

Amid all the turmoil that Coronavirus has led to, we are pleased to still be heading to IntralogisteX 2020 to showcase the vast benefits, features and capabilities of our Smart Commercial Solution in ...
Mon 24 Aug 2020
Aurora is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new smart lighting range: Connect.Control.
Wed 27 May 2020
Aurora Lighting is pleased to announce that the fixed version of the Primo range, our new slim, superior architectural downlight, is now available to buy as fire rated.
Mon 27 Apr 2020
Due to the success of Aurora's new webinar series in April 2020, we are pleased to confirm that we are continuing to introduce more!
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Picture for category It’s a Smart Future for Facilities Management
Wed 23 Sep 2020
The multi-billion dollar Smart technology market is growing rapidly, providing services that range from optimised climate control to smart parking and daylight harvesting, as well as many others.
Picture for category What is a Smart City & does it need Smart Buildings?
Thu 03 Sep 2020
What exactly is a smart city? And does smart lighting and smart buildings play a part?
Picture for category Light up Property Exteriors, Driveways & Decking with Driveovers & Walkovers
Wed 02 Sep 2020
When it comes to illuminating the front or back of a house, there are various types of lighting to choose from. However, there is one little gem that should definitely not be overlooked.
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