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How do you make a Bedroom Smart?
This may sound like a silly question, but imagine your downlights or a bedside table light coming on first thing in the morning at 20% when your alarm goes off, then, 5 mins later, after allowing you to doze, it increases intensity to 60%.
Inline Dimmer: A Smart, Quick & Cost Effective Solution
When you are initially looking into smart home technology and at all the brands and products available, it can easily become very confusing knowing where to start. If you want a simple, quick and cost effective solution for you or your clients, Aurora has the ideal range of products.
What are the benefits of Smart Lighting?
Smart Lighting is a new and popular technology allowing control over your lighting via a smartphone or tablet, with automation and personalisation. There are a whole range of features you can benefit from when you choose to install smart lighting throughout the home.
What are the benefits of Colour Tuneable Lighting?
If you’re looking at smart lighting solutions then you have probably heard of colour tuneable lighting, but what is it and what benefits can it offer you and your clients?
Out in the Light
Carried by entrepreneurial spirit, Aurora Lighting has been quick to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) in lighting concept through its highly successful and ever-developing AOne control system Independent research has concluded that Aurora Lighting is now the most recognised lighting brand in the UK.
Fire Protection: Why fire rated solutions are important
Paul Davidson, Global Training and Project Services Manager, discusses the importance of fire rating regulations and finding the right solution for your project…
Smart Sensors a Super Energy Saver
Energy and financial savings are high on the agenda when it comes to lighting both in homes and businesses. With new additions to the AOne™ range, Jeff Richardson, Aurora Group’s Trade Director, reveals how sensors can assist in reduced energy wastage.