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What are the Benefits of Daylight Harvesting?
Architects are using more glass on building designs than ever before, enabling the maximum amount of daylight to enter the indoor space. Some London office building examples include the Gherkin, which has 7,429 glass panels on its exterior, and the Shard, which has 11,000.
How can LED Lighting & Smart Technology Reduce Energy Costs?
A question asked on many occasions is what energy savings can be made when upgrading to LED lighting and by adding smart technology.
AOne Troubleshooting Webinar
When installing smart solutions, problems can arise. It is therefore inevitable that troubleshooting may be required. This webinar offers the basic information required in order to overcome any issues quickly and easily.
What is a Smart Building?
Buildings of yesterday were built to provide shelter, temperature control and safety. Today buildings offer and present a lot more benefits and solutions thanks to the evolution of technology, and in particular smart technology. So what is a smart building?
I-joists & Fire Rated Downlights Webinar
When specifying lighting for new builds with I-Joists it is important that the correct products are used that have undergone testing in line with NHBC guidelines. Aurora Lighting has recently tested a range of popular Fire Rated Downlights with joist manufacturers.
AOne Ecosystem Overview Webinar
Discover more information about the AOne ecosystem, specifically the Zigbee protocol, and the main features of the different Hub options available.
How a Kitchen Can be Transformed with Smart Lighting
If home owners really want to modernise their kitchen and would like to create different moods to accommodate different times and events, smart lighting is an excellent option
Upgrade to LED Lighting in Education Applications
When specifying and installing lighting through Education applications such as schools, colleges and universities, it is important to consider the wellbeing and performance of the pupils and teachers in their working environment.
Self Test Vs Manual Test Emergency Lighting
Aurora Lighting has launched a comprehensive Emergency range that benefits from an option of Self Test or Manual Test options. But what is the difference between Self Test and Manual Test and which option is best for your application?
Out in the Light
Carried by entrepreneurial spirit, Aurora Lighting has been quick to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) in lighting concept through its highly successful and ever-developing AOne control system Independent research has concluded that Aurora Lighting is now the most recognised lighting brand in the UK.