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I-joists & Fire Rated Downlights Webinar
When specifying lighting for new builds with I-Joists it is important that the correct products are used that have undergone testing in line with NHBC guidelines. Aurora Lighting has recently tested a range of popular Fire Rated Downlights with joist manufacturers.
What is TP Rating?
When specifying LED panels into a lighting scheme it is important to consider the TP requirements for that particular application.
Fire Rated Product Testing: It can’t be underestimated
When faced with a fire, people come first. Trying to get as many people out of their home safely is the priority. But in an ideal world, it would be good if as much of the building could be saved too, especially when considering rebuilding or refurbishing costs.
Fire Protection: Why fire rated solutions are important
Paul Davidson, Global Training and Project Services Manager, discusses the importance of fire rating regulations and finding the right solution for your project…