Picture for category UK Construction Week Review

UK Construction Week Review

Aurora Lighting welcomed hundreds of visitors to their pod within the Gooee® IoT Arena as part of UK Construction Week. As an official partner with Gooee, Aurora were there to demonstrate how working ...
Mon 08 Oct 2018
Aurora has extended its AOne smart lighting control range, transforming residential and SME spaces with the launch of ‘smart inside’ devices and ‘make smart’ products.
Fri 05 Oct 2018
Following the success of the 2018 edition of Finance Monthly CEO Awards, October's edition of Finance Monthly features Andrew Johnson.
Fri 21 Sep 2018
Aurora Lighting is attending UK Construction Week, held at the NEC Birmingham from 9 - 11 October 2018, for the first time in response to customer requests...
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Picture for category The Aurora Story (Part Two) - Developing the Lighting DNA for LED
Fri 09 Feb 2018
The Aurora Lighting Group is vertically integrated, enabling the delivery of unmatched reliability...
Picture for category The Aurora Story (Part 1): From Kitchen Table to International Brand
Thu 11 Jan 2018
Not many businesses start at a kitchen table, but that’s exactly where it all originated for Aurora Lighting...
Picture for category The Essential Guide to Lighting Design
Thu 04 Jan 2018
Lighting schemes, they’re everywhere. Some are well designed and thought out and others...not so much. But what’s the difference between a good and bad lighting scheme?
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