Meet your new Smart Lighting Spaces solution. Take Control.

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Aurora's AOneTM smart lighting, sensing and control platform, powered by Gooee®

Smart Lighting Control From Anywhere

The AOne kit includes...


Aurora will bring to market a range of smart lighting, sensing and control devices on the AOneTM platform.

AOne enables full control of your lighting spaces via your handheld devices or remote controllers. The new AOne kits provide users with an affordable smart lighting control solution, with increassed energy saving and security benefits. Take control from anywhere, including dimming, scene and scheduling functions. The free AOne App for Android and IOS users allows account sharing amongst multiple users at the touch of a button and control from anywhere in the world!


AOne™ is a retrofit lighting control system that can be installed in minutes.

Aurora’s new AOne kit spells the end for complicated and expensive lighting control systems. The dimmers can be installed in-line between the switch and first light, or individually, in a matter of minutes and there’s no extra wiring required. Connect and configure the AOne kit on your device, then simply hand over configuration to the homeowner via email.

3 Simple Installation steps to setup a smart home:

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Retrofit using existing wiring
Fast & hassle-free installation
Commercial-grade security
Up to 120W circuit load per dimmer
Control from anywhere
Multi-user control
Control individually or as groups
(requires multiple Control units)
Scene scheduling
Control via AOne app or remote
Hub controls multiple inline dimmers
Designed with lighting in mind
Integration with 3rd party services