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How to Use LED COB Strip - The One With Continuous Light & No Dots!

05 April 2022

Over the years we have been used to seeing and placing the LED strip with clear and obvious dots in various applications, from under bars and seating areas in restaurants to under cabinets in kitchens.

But more recently a new, different LED strip has been introduced... LED COB strip.

What is Unique about LED COB Strip?

The major difference between the LED COB strip and the usual LED strip is that there are no dots! None whatsoever!

The LED COB strip provides continuous light rather than the dots we have become used to seeing. What this means is that there is now an LED strip that doesn’t need to be hidden. Instead, it can be used to add more to the decorative style of interiors.

Furthermore LED COB strip can easily be used around reflective surfaces, such as marble floors, stairs and countertops, as the dots are no longer an issue. There can be uniform light which offers a brighter light than other strip due to its continuity.

This strip is also beneficial to installers as it allows them to use diffused light in tight spaces where standard channel systems wouldn't achieve the same result.

How Can LED COB Strip be used?

The beauty of this new strip is that it can be placed in full view.

The stairs are where some clients want LED strip under each nosing/ lip, however, this LED COB strip can be inserted flush down the side of the stairs instead, adding a unique, illuminated look for the staircase. The following image is an example of this.

Kitchens are another place where this strip can be beneficial. Under top cabinets where surfaces are reflective, or under bottom cabinets if tiles are used for flooring. Furthermore it can be installed flush in the ceiling plasterboard in drop/ cove ceilings, in the walls around doors, around the bottom of islands or even flush on the kitchen top.

Bathrooms also benefit from this type of strip. Placing it around cabinets provides more lighting near the sink. Or installing it into ceilings for a more continuous light near showers and sinks gives a modern look and feel.

In a living room or even bedrooms, the strip can be placed into ceilings or walls to give a modern look and feel as well as a different lighting effect.

Aurora LEDLine™ COB Strip

LEDline™ COB single colour 24V super bright LED strip (EN-ST1024) is ideal for when LED strip with a higher lumen output is required. The COB features a run of continuous light, eliminating LED hot spots and provides a different look compared to standard LED strip, perfect for use on reflective kitchen surfaces such as marble. Furthermore, even more savings can be made due to it having a low power consumption of 10W per metre.

Our most versatile lighting solution, Aurora’s LED strip and flex works perfectly in an array of applications, and this will make it even easier to incorporate it into a lighting design scheme. You can receive custom lengths of our popular LED strip and flex, pre-cut to your specification, that we endeavour to dispatch from our warehouse within 48hours from receipt of order.

Make Smart with AOne™

Aurora’s AOne Zigbee Smart Lighting Solution easily makes over 1000 of Aurora’s products smart, including our LED strip and wall lights! Using the inline dimmer for both of the above products, which is easy to install, allows instant smart control in both interior or exterior applications.