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UK Construction Week Review

15 October 2018

Aurora Lighting welcomed hundreds of visitors to their pod within the Gooee® IoT Arena as part of UK Construction Week. As an official partner with Gooee, Aurora were there to demonstrate how working together presents opportunities to create bespoke lighting for customers by being able to deliver the whole package: products, design, installation and futureproof Smart technology.

The AXiO in Action

Highlighted products were those that are part of the AXiO Smart connected lighting platform, powered by Gooee. This lighting and control technology significantly enhances business intelligence and revenues by providing data on energy efficiency, human engagement and space optimisation, while providing users with a range of dynamic predictive and management control features.

New AXiO Linium & AXiO Artius were on display in the pod however attendees were also keen to learn about the full AXiO smart connected lighting range - Linium, Airspan, Ultrium.

With this new lighting and technology, businesses can increase savings, sales and profits. Through an integrated smart lighting platform and end points we enable businesses, brands, designers and even marketeers to engage with shoppers and staff in a completely new way.

AXiO Funk

Visuals came from the AXiO Funk” video that highlights our Centre of Excellence of Smart lighting in Swindon. This video of Smart lighting working in time with music in our warehouse captured many people’s eye. Visitors were amazed to know that our facility has over 500 connected lighting products installed within 21 zones in Swindon. We are delighted with the number who plan to come and experience how Smart lighting can improve their business and revenue opportunities. There is nothing like seeing live validation to demonstrate the capabilities of Smart lighting.

Aurora has the connections and experience to deliver bespoke lighting products, lighting design, and with the launch of iO2 the same high standard of installation. The passion of the team is simply to understand what customers are looking for and assist in the project from start to finish.

Best Stand Winners 2018

Along with Gooee, Aurora and Enlite were crowned ‘Best Stand’ of the show for UK Construction Week 2018. There was a lot of preparation and dedication that went into building the arena over the long weekend prior to the event, so it is fantastic for it to be recognised.

Building the stand was hard and thirsty work. Here are just a few of the team that made all of this possible, relaxing at the evening entertainment put on by UK Construction Week.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Aurora Lighting pod and we hope you enjoyed the event!