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    3W Maintained Emergency LiFePO4 Bulkhead with Manual Test Function

    • 3 hours emergency back-up duration
    • LiFePO4 Battery
    • IP65 rated
    • IK10 rated
    • Can be maintained or non-maintained dependent on connection of switch live
    • 25 metre viewing distance
    • Can be wall or ceiling mounted
    • EN-EMBH - Manual test (key switch)
    • EN-EMBHST - Self test
    • EN-EMBHL - Drop down legend accessory
    • 5 Year Warranty

    The new Emergency Surface Mount Bulkhead now benefits from a LiFePO4 battery and offers 3 hours emergency back up duration, either maintained or non-maintained. The product also includes required legends to suit all applications. There is also a Self Test version available, EN-EMBHST.

    Available from Wholesalers Nationwide

    Please Note: We do not recommend mixing LED's circuits with products such as extractor fans.This is due to the sensitive nature of LED's and is not product specific.

    Emergency Exit Recess Accessory for EN-EMBH & EN-EMBHST
    # EN-EMBHL
    Emergency Exit Drop Down Accessory for EN-EMBH

    5W Maintained Emergency LiFePO4 Bulkhead with Self Test Function
    # EN-EMBL
    4W Ceiling Mount Exit Sign with Manual Test Function
    # EN-EMSL
    4W Wall Mount Exit Sign with Manual Test Function
    # EN-EMLED21ST
    Ceiling Mounted Emergency Exit Sign