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    A6™ Pro Fixed 6W Dimmable Fire Rated Downlight

    • Delivering up to 103lm/W
    • Slim, interchangeable IP65 bezels for sleek finish
    • Unique RapidWire connection system
    • 60° beam angle for uniform light distribution
    • Fibre based insulation coverable - up to 300mm
    • Tested in 30, 60 & 90 min solid timber joist fire rated ceilings
    • Fire tested with solid timber, ijoist and metal web joists
    • 7 Year Warranty
    • PLEASE NOTE: Purchases before 2021 have a 5 Year Warranty

    The A6™ PRO is a revolution in LED downlight performance and installation. Utilising the unique RapidWire connection system, the whole product can be fully wired and installed in a matter of seconds. The use of latching terminals provides the security of screw terminations for both solid and stranded core cables and can be wired even faster than standard push fits. The removable connector allows full circuit insulation resistance testing without risking any damage to the downlight, which can be simply plugged in afterwards. PLEASE NOTE: Any purchases before 01/01/2021 has a 5 Year Warranty.

    Available from Wholesalers Nationwide

    Please Note: We do not recommend mixing LED's circuits with products such as extractor fans.This is due to the sensitive nature of LED's and is not product specific.

    # AU-AP86
    Fixed Fire Rated Aluminium Adaptor Plate 85-145mm
    # AU-BZA6
    A6™ PRO/A6™ Fixed IP65 Aluminium Downlight Bezel
    # AU-FRLM10EMB
    3 Hour Maintained Emergency Pack

    # EN-DE6PRO
    E6™ PRO Fixed 6W Dimmable Fire Rated Downlight
    # AU-A6
    A6™ Fixed 6W Dimmable Fire Rated Downlight
    # AU-MPRO1A
    mPro™ Fixed IP65 Dimmable Fire Rated Downlight
    # AU-A62PRO
    A6™ PRO Adjustable 6W Dimmable Fire Rated Downlight