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    AOne™ connect.control™ Strip Addition Pack

    • AU-A1BTCWS2M - 2m Strip Addition Pack
    • AU-A1BTCWS3M - 3m Strip Addition Pack
    • 3 Year Warranty

    connect.control™ LED strip addition packs are a simple and cost effective way to add more runs of the connect.control™ RGB + Tuneable White LED strip to the LED strip kit, increasing the length you are able to run off of the 5m and 3m strip kit.

    Available from Wholesalers Nationwide

    Please Note: We do not recommend mixing LED's circuits with products such as extractor fans.This is due to the sensitive nature of LED's and is not product specific.

    # AU-A1BTSP
    AOne™ connect.control™ Splitter Cable for Strip Addition Packs