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Self Test Vs Manual Test Emergency Lighting

08 January 2020

Aurora Lighting has launched a comprehensive Emergency range that benefits from an option of Self Test or Manual Test options. But what is the difference between Self Test and Manual Test and which option is best for your application?

Self Test

Aurora’s self test emergency lighting units are designed to cut costs in testing and maintenance of emergency luminaires. Self testing emergency lights perform two types of tests in accordance to the BS EN 50172:2004 / BS 5266-8:2004.

Self Test luminaires are perfect for applications that may be hard to reach and maintain, once installed you can be confident that the fixture will run all the necessary tests to ensure good working order and compliance, and in the event of an issue the fixture will make you aware.

Manual Test

Aurora offers a manual test function option across all Emergency lighting products. These products are a cost effective solution that ensures you are complying with emergency lighting regulations.

The manual test function requires regular checks to be carried out by a designated responsible person, in line with the regulation recommendations. This solution is perfect for use in applications that have the resources available to maintain the required checks.

Comprehensive Emergency Lighting

Aurora Lighting now offers a full Emergency range, with the option to select between Self Test and Manual Test products, meaning you no longer need to venture elsewhere for your Emergency products and can be confident there is a solution for all applications.