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Out in the Light

16 December 2019

Carried by entrepreneurial spirit, Aurora Lighting has been quick to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) in lighting concept through its highly successful and ever-developing AOne control system Independent research has concluded that Aurora Lighting is now the most recognised lighting brand in the UK. Quite a feat, one shall agree, for a company that was star ted by a handful of enthusiasts only 20 years ago.

Grown in the best traditions of entrepreneurship, the privately-owned business has proven agile enough to adapt to the seismic changes that have taken place across the lighting industry in the first decade of the 21st century.

“By 2008-2009, it became obvious that LED was going to be the light source of choice, which caught a lot of the companies in the field by surprise, because, up to that point, their factories were all set up for the production of traditional halogen lighting,” begins Aurora’s Director of Product Development, Darren Casey.

“Our business, too, started as a halogen specialist and we had our own tough decisions to make, but because we were smaller, privately-owned, and very entrepreneurial, we were able to pivot to become an LED lighting manufacturer relatively quickly.”

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