Show products in category Aurora Wins 'Most Innovative LED Lighting Solutions Company 2018'!

Aurora Wins 'Most Innovative LED Lighting Solutions Company 2018'!

04 March 2019

Aurora has been presented with the Global Excellence Award for the ‘Most Innovative LED Lighting Solutions Company' 2018 by Acquisition International, the flagship magazine of AI Global Media LTD.

The Award

Acquisition INTL’s (AI) Global Excellence Awards were launched in 2016 to recognise and reward the firms and individuals whose commitment to sustained outstanding performance has seen them leading the way, not only in their own sector or industry, but across the entire global corporate spectrum.

Through these awards, AI Magazine showcases the work of businesses and individuals at the top of their game, getting an inside look at how they go above and beyond for their clients time and time again, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of what has previously been thought possible for firms in their industry.

Aurora’s Journey

Aurora’s vision is to deliver ‘Value Beyond Illumination™’ through differentiating technology, providing the latest innovative, cost effective LED lighting solutions to ensure millions of households and businesses worldwide achieve their ideals in comfortable, profitable and sustainable spaces.

The organisation started as a family business and is today one of the only global, private lighting companies. Aurora has transitioned from its establishment as a traditional lighting organisation into a leader in energy saving LED lighting, and is now disrupting the industry with technology solutions for smart connected lighting, control & sensing.

Vertical integration, flexible in-house R&D, testing and manufacturing provide a competitive advantage, enabling the rapid change required to remain at the forefront of the lighting industry. This versatile business model ensures quality products are developed, tested, produced and shipped internationally and with exceptional turnaround times.

Aurora’s Projects team based out of Swindon, UK, offer a bespoke, unique and personalised service blending lighting manufacturing and design with IoT solutions. Clients of all industries, both global and local have benefited from their installations and design expertise.

With AXiO, clients can elevate their businesses and services into the future with beacon sensory integration and data analytics. This solution can gather actionable data of their space and how it is utilised but also help save clients energy, or even communicate with staff and customers in real time. The IoT Research Centre in Swindon houses our top researchers, developers and software engineers, who bring this invaluable product to life.

In 2017 Aurora first launched the AOne™ Smart Lighting Platform, powered by Gooee, for homes, retail, commercial and hospitality and AXiO™, powered by Gooee, for larger scale commercial, hospitality and retail projects.

AOne™ has now been widely adopted across the industry and is fast becoming a staple for simple, smart home installation. Winning awards and attracting contractors, designers and electricians to shows all over the world, Aurora braces itself for some exciting new updates to AOne in the coming weeks.

These smart lighting solutions catapulted them into Lighting 3.0 and by the end of 2018, the AOne™ Smart Lighting System had dramatically evolved, with the widest smart lighting range in the world.

New technology, mobile and hub showrooms, training sessions and security infrastructure have been provided to ensure our smart solution is complete, scalable and can easily be adopted and installed throughout the built environment.

As we head further into this new technological era, Aurora has leveraged the knowledge gained from being the first to establish a lighting centric IoT team. We have deployed smart product at scale through partners such as Hive and extended our smart proposition across the Group from specification projects into trade and wholesale.

We’d like to thank all of the Aurora teams, customers and partners who we have worked with to make this award a reality. Through your hard work and dedication, we are bringing Value Beyond Illumination to clients and customers around the globe.

2019 is set to be an exciting for us and we look forward to sharing it all of you.

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