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Aurora And Enlite Products Shortlisted for Electrical Wholesaler Awards

19 March 2019

Multiple popular Aurora and Enlite products, the AOne™ Smart Lighting Platform, ICE™ Lamp, Ariah™PRO, E6™PRO and BatPac™PRO has been sortlisted for the Electrical Wholesaler Awards. Each product has been nominated within its unique category and is considered due to it's impact and popularity in the industry.

What are the EW Awards?

Launched in 2014 by the publisher of Electrical Wholesaler magazine, The Electrical Wholesaler Awards recognise excellence and achievement across the electrical wholesaling sector.

The Awards will be held at The Tower Hotel, London on Thursday 9 May 2019 to induct another wave of outstanding manufacturers/suppliers and wholesalers into its prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’.

Once products have been shortlisted, votes are held and members of the industry and consumers can vote. Only one vote is allowed per person, per category.

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The AOne Smart Lighting Platform

The AOne is a range of innovative smart lighting products that offer numerous options for the creation of smart spaces in the home, hospitality, retail and light commercial schemes.

The AOne comes with several features, including scheduling and grouping. Lights can be programmed to dim, turn off and on at any time and help manage everything from mood to energy savings and even off-premise control. However, unlike many systems on the market, should you lose internet connection you can still manage this one locally.
With the new ‘Smart Inside’ additions, the AOne can be installed in a variety of ways. In fact, the setup of lounge lighting in one house may differ significantly to another, but the simplicity of the AOne enables contractors to do this easily and quickly.

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Best Energy Saving Product & Best New Product - BatPac PRO

One of the newest additions to Enlite's range of LED battens is the BatPac™ PRO, which provides over 40% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescents and provides direct replacements for single or twin fittings in size and output. It can also be surface mounted or suspended.

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Best Lighting Product - E6 PRO

The E6 PRO is a revolution in LED downlight performance and installation. Utilising the unique RapidWire connection system, the whole product can be fully wired and installed in a matter of seconds. The use of latching terminals provides the security of screw terminations for both solid and stranded core cables and can be wired even faster than standard push fits. The removable connector allows full circuit insulation resistance testing without risking any damage to the downlight, which can be simply plugged in afterwards.

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Best Energy Saving Product - Enlite Ariah PRO

Equipped with the latest LED technology, the AriahPro ™ offers high efficiency with 150lm/W and easily replaces the traditional 400W industrial fixture with just 150W, providing over 65% energy savings compared to traditional technology.

All in all, the most powerful version can pump out 30,000 lumens, for just 200W - which gives back impressive ROI figures, ontop of all the advantages of a zero maintenance industrial LED fixture! The AriahPro has lifespan of 50,000 hours, so it’s a very worthwhile investment.

IP65 rated and with an IK08 impact rating, the AriahPro can withstand harsh environments, making it the perfect choice for warehouse and industrial applications. There’s 6 variations of the Ariah™Pro including 100W, 150W and 200W. On top of that you have multiple reflector options.

Bringing further value, is the newly released Ariah™Pro HighSense™, which comes with sensors. The design in this case is solely for saving energy and money.

Features include: adjustable daylight sensor, adjustable detection area 8m radius maximum, adjustable full brightness hold time of up to 30 minutes and the ability to step dim down (50%-10%) or turn off completely if no motion detected.

One of our most popular High Bay solutions, the AriahPro’s many features and benefits puts it ahead of the competition and brings true value to the industrial lighting industry.

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Best Lighting Product - ICE Lamp

Brighter than most, the ICE Lamp sets a new standard in high performance GU10 LED lamps, providing an industry leading efficacy of up to 108 lumens per watt, delivering more light whilst using less energy! Our ICE Lamp has become a best seller in the industry.

The range of ICE Lamps is significant. We have developed and produced 11 different variants, including dimmable and non-dimmable versions. The ICE™ MR11 Dichroic LED Lamp is just 1.6W with an output of 160 lm/w, enabling 90% savings over traditional equivalents and is a very easy retrofit.

The ICE Lamp also utilises ThermoTec™ heat management technology. This dramatically increases lifespan, whilst maintaining lumen output at L70 25,000 hours. Another feature is Enlite’s EnFiniti™ Lens. This insures 100% edge to edge maximum light output whilst also maintaining a sparkling, clean aesthetic.

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Voting ends on the 29th of March so make sure to get your votes in soon!