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AOne™ Smart Lighting Delivers Sensational Results for South Africa Hotel

This project was extremely important to us and we are very grateful for all the efforts dedicated to bringing it to fruition. We have been impressed with Aurora’s smart solutions and lighting, which have enabled us to achieve the look and feel that we were after, we are very pleased,
says Paul Van Der Sandt , Development Manager of the Group.


South Africa

City Lodge Hotel Group

A snapshot

The City Lodge Hotel Group is South Africa's leading selected services hotel chain. Through dedicated leadership, teamwork and kindness, the Group demonstrates consistent commitment to delivering a caring service. It continuously enhances the guests' experience through its people, ongoing innovation and leading-edge technology.

With 6 Courtyard Hotels (549 rooms), 20 City Lodge Hotels (3 531 rooms), 14 Town Lodges (1 804 rooms) 22 Road Lodges (2 059 rooms), and the Fairview Hotel (127 rooms), the City Lodge Hotel Group has over 8000 rooms and ranks amongst the 250 largest hotel chains in the world.

Following a free consultation, Aurora Lighting was appointed to manage the entire project, from recommendations to managing installations to assist in creating the first Courtyard Hotel of its kind for the Group.

The Project

Aurora provided an end-to-end lighting solution for the new Courtyard Hotel, offering a full service and turnkey solutions at competitive prices. Through Aurora’s experience, product knowledge and its understanding of the Hospitality and Retail industry, the team is easily able to customize products to suit the client’s requirements.

The Hotel required different types of standard lighting for each application yet sought to create various effects for each space and enable smart control for staff. So various lighting solutions were recommended and the Bluetooth and AOne™ ZigBee smart lighting solutions were presented, with the decision made to use both to achieve the desired results.

In most areas, the Bluetooth 320W inline dimmers were used to control the lighting (downlights, ball pendants, custom pendants, wall lights), such as the conference rooms, passageways, bathrooms, reception, restaurant and club lounge area.

For the kitchen, inline relays were used to control the panels while PIR sensors were installed to enable the lighting to automatically illuminate, dim or switch off depending on area usage.

LED strip (LEDLine™ Pro) was used in many hotel areas, including the breakfast bar, conference passageways, conference bathrooms, Protea Restaurant area, club lounge and gym. The strip controllers were installed to enable smart control.

In certain areas where it may be challenging for staff or customers to use an app, kinetic wall switches were placed on the walls. This included the breakfast bar, restaurant, club lounge, gym, pool patio and conference rooms.

In summary, the following products were used:


The project turned out to be a tremendous success and everyone was pleased with the results.

“We are delighted to have been invited to specify for this project by the City Lodge Hotel Group. It has been a great pleasure to work with their team and deliver the brief in the timescale and to everyone’s expectations. The ease of installation, simple management and effects created by our smart lighting systems have been well received by all stakeholders,” said Jade de Pontes, Retail Lighting Specialist at Aurora Lighting South Africa.