Connected Constant Illumination

The linear solution is the first in a range of products developed on the AXiO platform. Specifically tailored for commercial and retail applications, the AXiO linear has been designed to deliver a highly efficient, continuous stream of light and is suitable in general areas, front of house, back-of-house, offices, shopping centres, and more. Ease of installation and elegance combine with low maintenance and full support to upgrade to wireless control and sensing capabilities due to modular design.

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Configurable Design

  • Plug and play modules create either smart or non smart options
    (including emergency and dimming).
  • Fully enclosed 8 core wiring in each module for easy maintenance & configuration adjustment.
  • Concealed modules within luminaires fast installation.
  • Configurable & smart ready. Designed to maximise the benefits of the
    Gooee powered ecosystem.
  • Add live feed to any AXiO Linium in the row, as required
  • Attach emergency pack where needed after linear is installed
  • Change driver from fixed to DALI or 1-10v after linear is installed
  • Made in the UK
AXiO Linear

Easy Installation

  • Simultaneous electrical & mechanical connection: one action, no tools required
  • ClickLinkTM system, single, tool-free electro-mechanical connector
  • Safety design that fully locks, remains connected even if pulled apart until unlocked
  • Lightweight aluminium design, less sprung weight
  • Easy adjustable suspension clips, locks and unlocks without tools
  • Choice of installation methods for top end of wire/chain : tophat/ loop or hook
  • Add live feed to any AXiO Linium in the row, as required
  • 3 circuit as standard

Lighting Optics

  • Choice of Ambient or Batwing
  • Available in wide (for suspending under 3.5M) and narrow for suspending over 3.5M
  • Use bisymmetric down aisles in supermarkets where vertical lighting of produce on racking in critical
  • Use ambient for lighting general spaces
  • Range includes high power or low power output at approximately 3800 or 2000 lumens per metre
  • Good quality of light : 80 CRi and 3 SDCM as standard : other options by special request