Made to Order Kayon

Kayon Emergency Highbay

An efficient, effective, suspended high bay luminaire, available in White. Can also be trunking mounted. A racking optic is available to optimise light output for warehousing applications. Kayon can also be fitted with an integral DALI based PIR, allowing occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and corridor functionality. With the added peace of mind from an integral emergency pack, Kayon gives a positive RoI, and its reliability ensures hassle free illumination for commercial spaces for years to come.

Features & Benefits
Effective - up to 22,500 lumens with optics to ensure light is directed to where it is required
Efficient - up to 135 lm/W
Easily retrofittable - range of suspension and trunking mounting options
L80 50,000 hour lifetime
5 Year Warranty
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