LED provides food for thought at Dean and Deluca

Restaurants require lighting for several areas. With our broad range of solutions we were able to create the ideal setting for each one, tailoring it to the brand’s look and feel as well as ensuring suitable illumination for different times of the day.
Rob Brind, Managing Director, Aurora Lighting Middle East


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dean & Deluca


A snapshot

Dean & Deluca is an international restaurant chain founded in SoHo, New York in 1977. At the heart of the brand is to create a place celebrating food and to experience the pleasures that eating can bring.

When plans for a new Dubai location started to take shape, the brand engaged with Microlights, part of the Aurora Group, to supply the lighting for the site, following the successful delivery of a lighting scheme for the restaurant in Kuwait and restaurant mockup in the Dubai showroom.

The Project

To work out the best optimized solution and manage the the details of clients requirements, Microlights worked closely with Dean & Deluca, the appointed design firm Zebra and with the controls provider.The brand's key objective for the new restaurant was to create a romantic and cosy space with lots of ambiance; a destination people wanted to eat and spend time at. It was important to avoid a ‘canteen feeling’.

The client’s vision was to create ideal lighting scenes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The building features a large skylight, flooding the restaurant with light, which created a challenge to achieve the desired lighting levels.

The proposed lighting solution was a complete LED scheme that could be easily controlled.

In the restaurant area, the lighting scheme featured a mixture of baffled 21W Twist & Lock LED modules and 38W single head square recessed adjustable spotlights, both in a warmer colour temperature (3000K) to create a cosy atmosphere. Accents were set with a number of 10W M10 downlights in areas that required lower light levels. 8.5W Moon fittings were used on a suspended track, highlighting signage and complementing the restaurant's focal and distinct wall hung art works.

To create the desired ambiences, a dimming control system was installed and commissioned to create three dedicated lighting scenes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While breakfast and lunch featured brighter light levels, the dinner scene created the romantic ambience with low light levels and a warm colour temperature. To maximize the natural light from the skylight yet uphold the ambiance, dimming zones were created in a number of areas. This combination of product selection, dimming and scene setting provided the client with not only the experience and affect they hoped for but also delivered an enhanced customer dining experience.


In the kitchen areas, baffled LED downlights were used with a higher colour temperature of 4000K to create light levels for chefs to create detailed cuisine, whilst allowing kitchen staff to perform tasks while minimising glare.

The restaurant opened for business in December 2015 and has since exceeded its revenue targets.