What is ?

AXiO is a B2B IoT lighting and sensory platform, powered by Gooee®, that companies can deploy across their estate to manage building intelligence, interact with customers and staff alike. This network of intelligent lighting endpoints will generate data to provide insights into space utilisation, energy optimisation, enhance customer shopping experiences, provide indoor positioning and wayfinding, track products and more.


Change The Conversation.
Exceed Expectations.

2018 is a new chapter in our company’s 33 year history and a fundamental paradigm shift for our industry. It’s about more than just a product, lumens per Watt and beam angles. Lighting is becoming a platform. The IoT is fundamentally changing the way we design, manufacture and sell lighting. It’s challenging how our customers think about the impact lighting can have on their business. Aurora’s commitment to this next generation of conscious connected luminaires manifests itself in every aspect of our industry leading new lighting platform - AXiO.

The Scalable, Connected
Lighting Platform, powered by Gooee®

The AXiO platform uses the latest technologies to deploy connected lighting fixtures across multiple verticals with a single consistent lighting experience at its core.

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The Range

Aurora continues to set the standard in product innovation and technology with its extensive AXIO connected lumniaires. Having created within its own smart lighting centre of excellence a fully connected facility covering 8 application areas and 21 individual zones Aurora brings a selection of the Axio products.