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What is TP Rating?

20 December 2019

When specifying LED panels into a lighting scheme it is important to consider the TP requirements for that particular application. When launching its new and expanded range of LED Panels, Aurora were keen to ensure that the entire range was TP rated with a range of options.

Ceilings, and the lighting within them, must ensure they maintain integrity in the event of a fire. The LED panel diffuser material has to comply with specific conditions in order to meet TP requirements. The regulations places restrictions on the use of certain thermoplastic materials when they are used in LED panels and ceilings.

Thermoplastic materials undergo specific tests to certify their ability to withstand the application of heat and fire. The requirements are established by Building Regulations Approved Document B, which sets out the fire safety of buildings. Section B2 covers internal fire spread.


TP(a) is achieved for a product  when the test flame extinguishes before the first marker and the duration of flaming or afterglow does not excess 5 seconds following removal of the burner. There is no restriction to the use of TP(a) material other than in protected stairways. Aurora’s VersiTile LED Panels are TP(a) rated.


TP(b) is achieved for other products which, when material between 1.5 and 3mm thick is tested as above and has a rate of burning that does not exceed 50mm/minute. In some instances there are restrictions on the use of TP(b) material within applications as detailed within the Building Regulations and for clarification of the limitations of use. Aurora’s new BackLite, EdgeLiteEdgeLitePRO and DuoLite are all certified as TP9b) rated.

Aurora is proud to confirm that when purchasing any of its comprehensive LED panel range you can be sure that you will be receiving a TP rated product that complies with building regulations.