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New modular Plug and Play LinearPac

07 February 2023

New modular Plug and Play LinearPac

LED lighting specialist Aurora Lighting has launched a new and improved version of the popular LinearPac range.

With a new modular, plug & play offering, the standard LinearPac can be adapted on site by installing the Emergency and/or Microwave Sensor Modules. This creates an EM, MS or EMMS fitting. For the installer, this ensures an easily adaptable solution that requires less time and less effort.

With up to six combinations available, the LinearPac delivers the perfect solution for wholesalers to control stock levels and store less products, while still maintaining a full range for the installer. This anti-corrosive range guarantees robustness, proven through the IK10 and IP66 ratings. The LED chips are distributed evenly across the board, ensuring the smooth delivery of maximum light output.

Multiple BESA mounting points that match traditional fluorescent fittings offer an easy installation. This is furthered thanks to the drop-down gear tray, that also aids maintenance. A 20mm conduit entry at each end and the at the rear is provided, alongside stainless-steel anti-tamper clips.

With a fully polycarbonate opal diffuser and base, and a -10° to +50° ambient operating temperature range, the LinearPac is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The LinearPac also features a microwave sensor option with 120° detection beam range of up to 5m, offering additional control and energy savings for the end user.

Peace of mind is ensured through the 5-year warranty.

Darren Casey from Aurora Lighting said: “The new Plug & Play version of the popular LinearPac has revolutionised the range, offering great benefits to the installer and wholesaler. With less SKUs yet the same excellent output, the LinearPac range now offers a simpler and easier option, which will no doubt add to its popularity.”

Aurora Lighting has more modular plug & play products in development, so watch this space for news.

More information can be found on the LinearPac here.