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Benefits of colour switchable downlights

03 March 2023

Benefits of Colour Switchable Downlights

Benefits of Colour Switchable Downlights

Colour switchable luminaires are growing in popularity, when the benefits of this offering are considered, it is easy to see why.

Firstly, it reduces the chance of an installer taking an unsuitable luminaire to site. Using the new LumiCS downlight as an example, the only specification that needs to be known in advance is the cutout and wattage, as the colour temperature can be selected just before fitting.

The colour temperature can be selected from 3000K, 4000K or 6500K. This allows for a last-minute decision to be made over a warmer colour temperature or a cooler one.

The switchable element also supports uniformity and flow between different spaces. For example, a corridor may need one colour temperature, and a kitchen a different one. The same downlight, such as the LumiCS can be specified in different spaces, eliminating the need to purchase different products.

For the wholesaler, colour switchable products remove the need to stock multiple versions of the same downlight. Not only does this streamline ordering and stocking processes, it ensures they can better support their installer customers who are unsure about the colour temperature they require for a project.

More information is available on the LumiCS range here.