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How to choose the right LED floodlight for outdoor commercial buildings

29 November 2022

How to Choose the Right LED Floodlight for Outdoor Commercial Buildings

Floodlights are a great option for illuminating outdoor commercial buildings. They cover a wide angle, ensuring a lot of ground can be covered from one fixture. They aid wayfaring, safety and security, and can add to appeal of a space that is used after dark.

To make sure the right floodlight is chosen for the application, here are the different elements to consider

  1. Wattage and lumens
    By choosing the right wattage and lumens for a space, this will ensure the right levels of light are coupled with running costs. A floodlight that delivers 6000lm would, for example, be an inappropriate option for a small outdoor setting. The Vela from Aurora is a family of floodlights that is available in four different sizes from 10W through to 50W, so the benefits of the luminaire can be accessed in whichever size best suits the application. For larger commercial environments Aurora’s Proxima would be more suitable, with the 200W offering 26,000lm.

  2. Longevity
    Floodlights by their very nature need to be robust, as they operate outdoors and in all weathers. Be sure to check IP and IK ratings as these will indicate how robust a floodlight is. For example, the Vela is rated IP65 and IK05/06, so it can easily withstand the challenging outdoor environment. Its aluminium housing enables enhanced heat dissipation, which is another strong benefit to look for when choosing a floodlight.

  3. Additional environmental pressures
    For settings in harsher climates or coastal environments, it is important to look for added protection. Vela is salt spray tested and approved for use in these areas, which means it won’t fail due to inclement conditions, while other non-tested solutions may not stand the test of time.

  4. Added control and security
    A PIR can be a useful addition as it can ensure the light is only on when motion is detected, which delivers energy savings. It can also deliver security benefits as the light will switch on, acting as a deterrent to unwelcome behaviour or visitors. The PIR option on the Vela is particularly helpful as it can detect motion up to 10m and 140 degrees.

More information on the Vela range can be found here.