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Aurora Lighting provides smart lighting solutions ideal for creating a smart home or business.

Through Trade, we offer smart lighting solutions via wholesalers nationwide to contractors, enabling them to present an array of products to their customers and create smart indoor or outdoor spaces.

Through our Projects division, in which we provide businesses with an end-to-end lighting solution, we can create a lighting scheme and incorporate smart lighting to enhance energy efficiency and employee wellbeing.

The benefits of wireless smart lighting solutions, like our AOne, can include some of the following:

Energy Savings

One of the most useful features of smart lighting solutions is control. Using smart lighting technology provides offices full lighting control from either a mobile phone, tablet, desktop or a remote control. This enables lighting control of multiple areas, from an entire floor to the management of individual lighting over each desk. Should one or a group of desks become vacant then it would be possible for an employee to dim or turn off these lights very easily, while keeping the rest of the office lighting on for others.


Smart lighting provides homes and offices with the flexibility to make changes to layouts that may require different lighting schemes. Or, should rooms be used for multiple purposes, smart lighting can create various moods to accommodate each activity.


Using smart lighting in an office can help make spaces seem bigger and create unique designs in different places. Using colour and different shades of white can create depth, the perception of space, and add warmth where desired.

Visual Comfort

Users have different lighting requirements and with smart lighting the lit environment can be adapted to the intensity that they want and that makes them feel comfortable. Visual comfort is one of the most important aspects because by using incorrect lighting can cause issues for employees. Some of the characteristics of intelligent lighting for visual comfort is that it avoids visual fatigue and better controls the levels of illumination and focus.

Easy Smart Lighting Installation

Designed with the installer in mind, one of the biggest benefits of the AOne smart lighting system is the ease and speed at which it can be installed by the professionals. A wireless smart lighting installation can be extremely simple. From installing the lights to replace existing lighting to commissioning, our smart lighting installation process has been designed to be simple.

What is the AOne Smart Bluetooth Solution?

AOne is our wireless lighting range - the easiest way to begin your smart lighting journey.

Trade - AOne Bluetooth Connect.Control™

Connect.control is our new intuitive Bluetooth wireless lighting range. Simply connect your light fittings, turn on the remote and take control of your lights straight out of the box. You don’t even need to download the app. It’s the simplest smart lighting installation. Recall six RGB colours, trigger five pre-programmed scenes, set brightness or adjust colour temperature from warm to cool.

Find out more here: https://auroralighting.com/gb/trade/ConnectControl

Trade - AOne™ Zigbee

If homeowners are looking for a more complex yet affordable smart lighting system with a vast range of lighting, control, power and sensing products, the AOne Zigbee solution can transform spaces too by creating a variety of moods and scenes through different lighting and control options. Lighting can also be controlled using Voice control or sensors that detect movement when entering the room.

Find out more here: https://auroralighting.com/gb/trade/aone

Projects - ‘Make Smart With’ AOne Control - Smart Solutions to Connect 1000+ Aurora Products

Aurora’s AOne™ Bluetooth Solution is the world’s widest range of smart lighting and it can easily make over 1000 of Aurora’s products smart.

This enables smart control of any of Aurora’s 1000+ products for either new or retrofit installations. Using any of the AOne™ Inline Dimmers (320W, 0-10V, DALI, 12/24V) or On/Off Relay, circuits can now be made smart easily through their installation between the switch and first light.

Should your company be interested in introducing smart lighting, find out more here: https://auroralighting.com/gb/projects/smart-solutions

Projects - Smart Inside - 39 Bluetooth Smart Products

Aurora has an extended range of innovative Bluetooth smart lighting and control products. This new range of products enables smart control from your phone, even without an internet connection - once products are configured, wifi is no longer needed. Wherever you see the Smart Inside logo, it means Aurora offers a wireless AOne version of the standard product.

Should your company be interested in introducing smart lighting, find out more here: https://auroralighting.com/gb/projects/smart-solutions