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Residential lighting solutions can create unique homely settings. The home is a retreat, a space for entertaining, relaxing, studying and creating memories. Focused on quality and innovative product design, our extensive range of residential lighting creates the mood and ambience for any occasion.

From downlights to lamps, indoor and outdoor, Aurora can provide the best residential lighting solution for each space or type of development, whether it's ground floor apartments, high-end penthouses or family homes. And with LED lighting, high energy efficiency results in significantly reduced electricity bills and subsequently happier home-owners, holiday makers or tenants.

Indoor Lighting & Fire Rated Downlights

Aurora has launched the A Series, a fire rated downlight range that has been designed with the installer in mind and includes more benefits, higher performance levels and a new appearance, offering additional reliability and enhanced product features to aid installation.

When selecting from the A Series and all of Aurora’s fire rated products you can be sure that all relevant fire rated tests have been carried out and that the product is compliant with current building regulations

A recent addition to our ASeries is the A6™ PRO, a revolution in LED downlight performance and installation. Utilising the unique RapidWire connection system, the whole product can be fully wired and installed in a matter of seconds. The use of latching terminals provides the security of screw terminations for both solid and stranded core cables and can be wired even faster than standard push terminals

The A4 and A6 both come in fixed and adjustable versions, featuring a hinged cap, screwless strain relief and latching loop in/loop terminals out for a quick and tool free installation.

We also have, for the first time ever, introduced a stunning, slim, superior architectural downlight range - Primo - designed for high end applications, including luxury residential projects.

Featuring SDCM <1 for complete colour consistency and CRI98 for true colour representation and a choice of bezel options, which allow the creation of the desired effect and direction whilst offering a glamorous appearance, this makes the Primo ideal for use in premium applications where mood and scene setting for residential lighting is desired.

Outdoor Lighting

If there is a garden that needs lighting, and really hasn’t had much done to it to date, it’s worth considering a lighting design based on what is outside, such as a shed, pond, trees, etc. But a great place to start is the driveway or entrance, then make your way to the back. Aurora has a variety of options to suit plenty of outdoor residential lighting schemes.

For a subtle effect, recessed lighting could be installed such as our IP65 G-Lite™Pro Drive Over Ground Light range.Discreetly recessed, the professional IP65 G-Lite Pro has loop-in loop-out connection for quick and easy installation and is available in round or square options.

To create more impact, or for security purposes, large trees that lead up to the house can be highlighted with stronger lighting on either side of driveways or gates that open onto the property. Our QuaZar™ range is ideal for creating this dramatic effect. Ranging from 10W up to 50W with a selection of lumen outputs the range is suitable for large and small outdoor spaces.

Enhance the front of the house by adding uplighting. Aurora has a range of Spike lights, the S-Lite™ , that will produce a subtle effect. But, alternatively for a greater impact why not look at the QuaZar Floodlight range?

Wall lights are also an excellent option for creating stunning scenes. Our WallE™ up/down range comes in several finishes, including stainless steel, white, black and grey. High quality corrosion resistant finishes ensure long life times.

Smart Residential Lighting Solutions

Aurora offers two smart residential lighting options.

Trade - AOne™ Bluetooth Connect.Control™

Connect.control is our new intuitive Bluetooth wireless lighting range. Simply connect your light fittings, turn on the remote and take control of your lights straight out of the box. You don’t even need to download the app. It’s the simplest smart lighting installation. Recall six RGB colours, trigger five pre-programmed scenes, set brightness or adjust colour temperature from warm to cool.

Find out more here

Trade - AOne™ Zigbee

If homeowners are looking for a more complex yet affordable smart lighting system with a vast range of lighting, control, power and sensing products, the AOne Zigbee solution can transform spaces too by creating a variety of moods and scenes through different lighting and control options. Lighting can also be controlled using Voice control or sensors that detect movement when entering the room.

Find out more here.