Sustainable lighting, high performance,
enhanced energy savings
When lighting is required for any type of industrial environment, be it a storage building, warehouse or manufacturing facility, several questions generally arise that are unique to each client. At Aurora, we understand that every building and its purpose is unlike any other, so to ensure lighting is used effectively and efficiently we offer a range of solutions designed to generate the best light output and distribution appropriate for each area.

For those working in this type of environment, we understand that lighting quality, the key to enhanced productivity, sales, and energy savings, are high priorities. Through LED advancements and our continued research and development, we provide the highest quality solutions for your industrial project.
FAST Lead times,
dedicated service*

Regardless of the size and scale of each project, Aurora ensures all the planning, paperwork and inspections are handled ahead of time. Once our products leave our premises, we carry out installation services (accredited) from survey to replacement and recycling. All our contractors are NiCEIC contractor approved and trained specifically in smart lighting installations.

With fast delivery, a thorough installation and continued aftercare, we ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine, making sure someone is on hand should any changes or replacements be required, or technological issues arise.

*We are also able to offer finance on many projects, where the savings made can pay for the cost to implement. So there is no better time to talk to us on finding the right solution for your needs.

Light at any height

For any industrial project we undertake a site visit, which are critical prior to any design work due to the differences in each industrial space. Ensuring good light levels in these spaces at ground level is our priority. Existing lux level readings are taken and a review of the working environment is carried out. This is essential in any environment but even more so in industrial premises due to higher than usual ceiling heights.

Whilst on site visits, all machinery is recorded and an understanding of the hazards in-situ is necessary. Any potential hazards that may be caused by retrofit work are also considered. Designs are then produced ensuring that the recommendations of CIBSE are adhered to followed by the installation. The entire project is overseen by our team.

Upon project completion, installed lux levels are taken and the results are presented to clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Get Smart, Take Control, Enhance Savings

When it comes to managing industrial buildings, one of the biggest priorities for any manager is to reduce energy costs and increase savings. Imagine the possibility of managing several systems and activity across multiple locations from just one dashboard and obtaining warnings and status reports on lighting and energy before any failures.

Aurora has created a smart commercial solution that enables the team to tailor a smart lighting package that accommodates individual business requirements. Whether your business requires simple smart lighting control or a more comprehensive system that includes space management and optimisation through beaconing to accommodate flexibility and improve rental costs, we can create the most appropriate smart lighting solution.

Highly Energy Efficient Lighting
Kayon LED Highbay
An efficient, effective, suspended high bay luminaire, available in White. Can also be trunking mounted. A racking optic is available to optimise light output for warehousing applications. Kayon can also be fitted with an integral DALI based PIR, allowing occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and corridor functionality. Operating at up to 135 lm/W, Kayon gives a positive RoI, and its reliability ensures hassle free illumination for commercial spaces for years to come.