NEW AOne™ Additions: Widest Range of Smart Lighting Devices

08 October 2018

Aurora has extended its AOne smart lighting control range, transforming residential and SME spaces with the launch of ‘smart inside’ devices and ‘make smart’ products. These are the most innovative smart lighting products designed with the contractor in mind covering Sensing, Light, Power, Control for any application: Home, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial.

What is the difference between ‘Smart inside’ and ‘Make Smart’ products?

Smart Inside’ products wirelessly pair with the Gooee Smart Space hub via the Zigbee protocol to form a mesh network. This means that all products within the AOne range are ‘Smart Inside’. It also means there is more opportunity for multiple devices to be connected either individually or as groups, created and managed via the AOne™ app.

‘Make Smart with AOne™ Control enables smart lighting with non-smart fixtures. This allows smart control of any of Enlite’s 900+ products for either new or retrofit installations. Using AOne™ inline dimmers or the on/off relay, circuits can be made smart through their installation between the switch and first light.


The AOne comes with several features, including scheduling and grouping. Lights can be programmed to dim, turn off and on at any time and help manage everything from mood to energy savings and even off-premise control. However, unlike many systems on the market, should you lose internet connection you can still manage this one locally.

How do you install it?

With the new ‘Smart inside’ additions, the AOne can be installed in a variety of ways that cater for the needs of a customer. In fact, the setup of lounge lighting in one house may differ significantly to another, but the simplicity of the AOne enables contractors to do this easily and quickly. Find out how it works by signing up for the next AOne information webinar:

Upon completion, installers hand over the configuration to the user via email allowing them to download the app themselves. The result? Complete lighting control from a remote control or mobile phone, from anywhere and at any time, by one or multiple users.

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