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Microlights is evolving. Join us on our Journey…

As retail lighting specialists with over 30 years of customer global partnerships in schemes that provide the best lighting solution, design, service, reliability and value, Microlights is evolving to remain at the industry forefront.

Focused on the future, we have developed a new business strategy to deliver Value Beyond Illumination™, providing an even wider capability in terms of product, services and technology.

To support the next step in our journey, we felt it important to use appropriate branding that allows us, as a business, to continue to offer our existing and potential customers even greater value. Therefore, we are excited to announce that Microlights Ltd is now trading as Aurora Lighting.

The Microlights to Aurora Journey

Over the last 30 years the team perfected the design of the signature “Hot Spot” reflector for the latest light source technologies, enabling customers to achieve lighting goals with either fewer luminaires or a 50% energy saving. A winning and personalised product solution combined with a UK manufacturing base created the ideal footprint to service the Retail & Hospitality sector.

Since its establishment, Microlights gained a wealth of expertise and set up an international framework, including offices in Dubai, France, Spain and Lebanon. In 2009, Microlights became part of the Aurora Group. Through this union, Microlights gained access to a wide portfolio of LED lighting products, innovative technology and support from Aurora’s lighting design, marketing, digital and after sales teams.

Focused on the future, Microlights was fully integrated into the Aurora Group in 2016 to develop a new business strategy that delivers Value Beyond Illumination, providing an even wider capability in terms of product, services and technology. The core of the Microlights’ values and retail lighting process, however, remain the same. With this next generation of lighting Aurora is embarking on a journey to deliver innovative, intelligent and sustainable lighting solutions for retail and hospitality installations.