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NEW Energy Related Product (ERP) & Energy Label Directives

The NEW EU Regulations & Why They Are Being Introduced

Later this year (September 2021 in EU & October 2021 in UK) two new regulations are being introduced that will lead to changes in the lighting industry.

  1. Eco Design EU 2019/2020 - Single Lighting Regulation (SLR)
  2. Energy Label EU 2019/2015 - Energy Label Regulation (ELR)

The SLR provides product-specific performance requirements for energy-using and energy-related products. Where current SLR regulations distinguish between modules, lamps and luminaires, these new regulations refer only to light sources and separate control gears. Therefore energy efficiency, for example, will be evaluated only for the light source.

The ELR applies to light sources with or without control gear in terms of the energy labelling and voids any previous regulation. The energy labelling requirements apply to all products in the European and UK market. The revised regulation has been implemented to realign the energy classes with technological developments and to encourage the uptake of newer and increasingly efficient lighting technologies.

Both of these regulations are coming in to protect the environment and customers as well as enhance product sustainability and efficiency. It ensures enhanced transparency and simplicity for both suppliers and customers.

Affected Products

Light Sources

The new EU SLR/ELR applies to light sources.

“Light sources” are electrically operated products that emit light, including traditional and LED lamps – but also fully integrated luminaires from which light sources cannot be removed using commonly available tools without permanent damage.

NB. Many signaling & control lamps plus powerful lighting products are excluded from the EU regulations (e. g. for sports/outdoor/industrial lighting)

Control Gears

The new EU SLR also applies to separate control gears.

Control gear is one or more devices which operate with light sources to prepare mains electricity for the electricity requirement of the light source.

Separate control gear means a control gear that is not physically integrated with a light source and is placed on the market as a separate product or as a part of a containing product. It can be sold as either individual product or when mounted in, for example, a luminaire (‘placed on the market as a part of a containing product’). A typical separate control gear is a driver.

Note : This regulation does not require every light source to be replaceable.

European Product Database for Energy Labeling (EPREL)

The EPREL is home to all product characteristics. As part of the new regulations, entering the required data into EPREL is necessary for selling a product on the European market.

Key Dates




From May 1 manufacturers can begin to register their light sources in the EPREL database and enter the required product data.

Aurora has started entering all the relevant products.

Phase-out I - Some lamps may no longer be placed on the market from certain dates.

Aurora does not have any products that will be phased out.

Energy label: Start of transition phase (old labels are now allowed only for products that were placed on the market before this date)




Energy label: End of the transition phase (from 31st March only the new label is allowed.)

Phase-out II - This is the end of the period in which banned products may no longer be placed on the market.

Aurora has no banned products.

NEW Energy Label

As part of the new regulations, a new energy label for light sources is coming into effect on 1 September for the EU and 1 October for the UK.

The energy efficiency of light sources is now calculated differently, with new Lumens per Watt parameters for each energy class, prompting the following:

  1. Continued phasing out of many low-efficiency lamps
  2. Classification of light sources within the scale of the new energy label
Energy ClassLumen per Watt (Im/W)
A 210 ≤
B 185 ≤ 210
C 160 ≤ 185
D 135 ≤ 160
E 110 ≤ 135
F 85 ≤ 110
G < 85

Based on the energy efficiency achieved, each light source will now be given a new classification between A and G and a new label. The design of these labels will be modified to include the following details.

  • A new A to G energy efficiency scale
  • A QR code with a link to the product data stored in the EPREL database

A transition period will be held until March 1, 2023 whilst the old label format is phased out.

It is expected that in Class A of the new energy efficiency scale there will be hardly any light sources and only a few in class B by autumn 2021. The expectation is that this new requirement will encourage manufacturers to further increase product energy efficiency.