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Slick, Sleek Solutions Ideal For Shopping Aisles

This is a space that now fits its purpose thanks to Aurora Lighting. The LED Lighting that was recommended to us by Ed Denny is perfect for what we required. It’s bright, illuminates the products on the shelves perfectly and creates a welcoming feeling in the store
says Paula Clarke, the Store Owner at Clarke’s Spar.


Northern Ireland, UK


A snapshot

Spar was founded in 1932 in the South Holland town of Zegwaart. In 1953 an International Spar office opened in Amsterdam to further develop the organisation throughout Europe and other continents.

Many Spar shops are in Europe, and in 2021 Ms Paula Clarke decided to open one in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Aurora met with the client to discuss key objectives, which were to create an aesthetically pleasing lighting design functional for the store, warehouse and deli counter that was energy efficient and cost effective.

The Project

The first step that Aurora Lighting took for this project was a site visit with partners Harcon Electrical and CEF Lisburn.

Due to the size of the space, aisles and height of the ceiling, there was a lot to consider when recommending products. It was also necessary to consider which products would keep in line with the 'look' required to blend in with the branding of the Spar store.

Ed Denny at Aurora suggested the Arroline™ for the main retail space and a mixture of LED panels and Lumi-fits for back-of-house and the deli counter. It was also agreed that the store would benefit from Aurora’s EMPac surface mounted emergency downlight and twinspots for the perimeter of the main shop floor. Using images taken onsite and a shop floor layout, Aurora’s lighting design team completed the design using the products suggested. These included the following.

The Arroline linear is a powerful, effective, suspended linear solution available in White or Black. With ambient and batwing options, clients can achieve optimal cross-aisle and gondola lighting. Operating at up to 150 lm/W, the Arroline is robust and perfect for use in retail environments.

The panels used from our selection, which are all TP(a) rated, were the EdgeLite™, which has been upgraded to produce 95lm/W for outstanding energy savings. The light guide board and diffuser have been engineered to ensure maximum light output and complete uniformity.

The range of triac dimmable Lumi-Fit™ commercial downlights deliver up to an impressive 106lm/W. With multiple wattages and sizes on offer this range meets the needs for countless new applications or an upgrade for compact fluorescent fittings in existing applications.

Aurora’s new Emergency Twin Spot offers 3 hours emergency backup duration, and is non-maintained for use in the event of a power outage. You can choose to select between the Manual Test and Self Test function. More information on the above mentioned products can be found here:


Along with Harcon Electrical and CEF Lisburn, Aurora was pleased to have delivered the desired result for this new Spar store.

“We were delighted to have provided the store owner with what she was looking for, ensuring it not only tied in with the requirements of the Spar brand but that it was maximising energy efficiency,” said Ed Denny, Sales Director, Aurora Lighting.