The Gibbs & Dandy estate has many different application areas, from showrooms to mills to warehousing through to retail trade counters. Aurora had a good product range to allow us to maximise these areas to their full potential.
Mark Gentle, Project Manager, Saint Gobain


Luton, United Kingdom

Gibbs & Dandy Luton, Saint Gobain

February 2017

A snapshot

Founded over 170 years ago, Gibbs & Dandy, part of the Saint Gobain Group, is a builders’ merchant that services all trade specialists from house builders to electricians, decorators to landscape contractors, plasterers to plumbers, looking to source all their materials from one merchant.

Consisting of large office, retail, showroom, outdoor and warehouse spaces, the Gibbs & Dandy estate in Luton required a lighting upgrade that resulted in good working conditions across all applications, an enhanced customer experience in retail areas, and, most importantly, increased energy savings. Existing fittings included T8 battens and troffers, mercury Vapour Highbays, bulkheads and floodlights.

In October 2016, Aurora carried out a full project design and specification assessment before commencing the installation in December.


The project was completed in February 2017 and, through Aurora’s calculations, Gibbs & Dandy will achieve energy savings of 16,000 kWh per month, not inclusive of the impact of the microwave sensors, equivalent to an average cost saving of £19,200 annually.

Mark Gentle, project manager for Saint Gobain spoke highly of the success of the project noting that “the overall look and feel of the site has been vastly improved from the lighting project along with the numbers we are saving through the energy and the reduction in yearly or monthly energy bills has been fantastic”.