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Aurora Trade Reduce Product Plastic Packaging

17 October 2019

Aurora Trade is pleased to announce that it has started a new initiative to reduce the amount of plastic used to package many of its popular products.

The first phase is to remove all plastic poly bags from the new A Series and mPro integrated fire rated downlight ranges. This alone will see a saving of over five tonnes of plastic from Aurora’s product packaging in the next year.

Michael Herbert, Aurora’s Head of Product & Sourcing says, “Many of our customers have informed us that reducing the amount of plastic packaging in our products is important to them, and we agree. We’ve listened to them and very quickly been able to adapt and make these changes to our key product lines. We’re looking forward to rolling this initiative out across many more of our popular ranges in the future.”

Over the coming months Aurora will be continuing to assess the plastic packaging used across all product ranges and reviewing what is necessary. It is important to not affect the integrity of packaging which is ultimately there to protect the product.

Michael concludes “Using alternative, environmentally friendly packaging is now our goal for all products. This will be a gradual process but we will make it happen.”