Show products in category AOne™ System is Awarded Professional Electrician's ‘Top Product’ of 2018

AOne™ System is Awarded Professional Electrician's ‘Top Product’ of 2018

27 November 2018

Aurora’s AOne™ Smart system launched with outstanding success last year! Since then the App and it’s range of products, have been disrupting the lighting market and has quickly set a new standard in innovation for Smart Lighting. With many years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality luminaires around the world, Aurora continues to push boundaries and innovate.

Professional Electrician - Top Product Award

The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by Professional Electrician’s 70,000+ readership, are recognition for those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a significant impact on how electricians and professional installers are able to expertly complete projects to the highest possible level, whether it’s with innovative products or time-saving solutions.

Professional Electrician’s Editor, Richard Bowler said: “Our annual awards are a great way to reward those companies that have come up with excellent ideas to help electrical installers and businesses overcome common problems with their everyday work or open up new profit streams. AOne from Aurora is therefore a very worthy winner of one of our 2018 Top Product awards.”

In a market flooded with unnecessarily complex, expensive smart lighting solutions, the Aurora Lighting Group has managed to not only streamline and simplify the application and control, but improve how the installation process is implemented using ergonomic and user friendly product features - saving both time and money.

What is AOne™, powered by Gooee?

Aurora’s AOne is a Smart Lighting solution that balances both simplicity and high efficiency - with innovative smart lighting products designed with the contractor in mind, covering Light, Power, Sensing and Control for any application: Home, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial. The AOne system consists of an easy to use App, hub and a comprehensive range of Smart Inside devices that enables the user to control their lighting the way they want to from anywhere, via the AOne app.

It’s versatile and easy to install - The AOne™ Controller is easily fitted just before the first light on a circuit, which will then control the entire circuit, with multiple options for dimmer control and an on/off Relay, all controlled via the app. Not only that, it can be used on the lights already installed, so retrofits are very straight forward. But the range has just expanded even further.

The World’s Widest Range of Smart Lighting Devices

Only a year after the release of the AOne™ Smart System, the Aurora Lighting Group has dramatically increased it’s smart lighting portfolio. There are 30 brand new ‘Smart Inside’ products, with built in smart capability. Alongside this there are over 900 standard luminaires in Enlite’s new Trade Edition Two catalogue that can be made Smart with AOne control.

The new ‘Smart Inside’ products have an integrated Zigbee protocol to form a mesh network with the Gooee Smart Space Hub. It allows for complete control over one or multiple lights in a space, which can be set up and controlled as groups or individually e.g. Kitchen, Meeting Room, Outdoor Lights. On top of that each luminaire provides significant energy savings and are low maintenance, affordable and easy to install.

The ‘Smart Inside’ range is perfect for homes and smaller businesses.

Learn the difference between ‘Smart Inside’ and ‘Make Smart’

The Smart Installer Programme

Aurora’s Smart Installer Team is touring the UK to run FREE sessions for contractors and electricians on how to become an expert Smart Lighting Installer on the AOne products. We’ll be coming to a city near you to run a workshop and show installers face-to-face how to install the AOne™ Smart Lighting system. Click here to learn more and sign up!