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Aurora launches into SmartThings Stratosphere

22 May 2019

Aurora Lighting is pleased to announce that it is an official Smart Lighting Supplier of products that work with Samsung’s SmartThings. Aurora’s AOne™ Smart Home solution and full range of products - lamps, sockets and sensors - are all compatible with SmartThings, giving contractors and homeowners many new options for their smart lighting designs.

Unique Offering

Aurora Lighting is proud to reveal a smart product range incorporating solutions that are a first of their kind compatible with SmartThings, including:

mProZX - the FIRST UK Zigbee protocol fire-rated tunable downlight controlled by SmartThings and EchoPlus directly

Rotary Dimmer - the FIRST dimmer switch controlled by SmartThings and EchoPlus directly

Smart Double Socket - the FIRST double socket controlled by SmartThings and EchoPlus directly

What is the the AOne™?

Aurora offers the affordable AOne smart lighting and control solution, which is excellent value and allows users to wirelessly control their premises from anywhere in the world via the AOne App.

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of the AOne is the ease and speed at which it can be installed - either as a retrofit option or as a new install. Installers can utilise existing dimmable fixtures or upgrade to one of Aurora’s ‘Smart Inside’ luminaires or lamps.

For customers, the AOne range offers the opportunity to set schedules, create groups and select scenes, enabling programming for on/off lighting or dimming at any time, mood setting and lighting for one or multiple rooms.

Upon installation the customer has complete lighting control from a remote control or mobile device, from anywhere and at any time, by one or multiple users.

mPROZX Fire Rated Downlight

A convenient one-step installation process and features a convertible body, with removable driver, for recess voids as low as 56mm. Using Smart Inside the mPROZX can be controlled individually or as part of a group. The tuneable white feature allows you to control the colour temperature between 2200-5000K.

Rotary Dimmer

Revolutionise your lighting space with our new Zigbee controlled AOne™ Rotary Dimmer. It’s the U.K’s first smart Zigbee rotary dimmer that works with a houses existing wiring, no need for a neutral wire like other solutions, just a live and switched live.

This dimmer switch fits into a standard 25mm back box and once replaced smartens your circuit allowing you to dim up to 250W of LED or Halogen. Smart Slave Mode enables the switch to be used as a 2 way dimmer with a master or control groups of smart lights via Zigbee.

No need for two hubs and a cloud to cloud integration like other dimmers, which means you get local control so if your internet goes down your lights still work! The blue LED night light is ideal to find the switch in the dark.

*Functionality may differ slightly on SmartThings & EchoPlus

Double Socket

Forgotten to switch off at the wall? Or want to stop late night TV watching by the children upstairs? Connect the new Zigbee controlled AOne™ Double Socket control to your light space via App or Remote. The socket fits into a 35mm deep back box so you can replace your existing double socket, for on/off control and socket control either individually, space or scene.

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