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Aurora Confirms Google Assistant & AOne Compatibility

25 October 2019

Aurora is pleased to confirm that its AOne Smart Lighting System is now compatible with Google Assistant in addition to Amazon’s Alexa via a cloud to cloud integration.That means that you still require the AOne hub, however, once you have paired all of your AOne devices to the AOne hub, you can then discover all of your devices with the Google Assistant App.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google for use on mobile and smart home devices. It is able to engage in a two-way conversation and allows control of multiple aspects of a home via voice control, which is now extended to Aurora’s smart lighting.

Voice commands that can be created with Google Assistant include but are not limited to the following:

“OK Google, dim the living room lights to 30%!”
“OK Google, turn off all the lights downstairs.”
“Hey Google, turn on the porch lights”
“OK Google, switch the living room lights to movie mode.”

The AOne Smart Home system is excellent value and allows users to wirelessly control their premises from anywhere in the world via the AOne App. Its biggest benefit is the ease and speed at which it can be installed - either as a retrofit option or as a new install.

Installers can utilise existing dimmable fixtures or upgrade to one of Aurora’s ‘Smart Inside’ luminaires or lamps. For customers, the AOne range offers the opportunity to set schedules, create groups and select scenes, enabling programming for on/off lighting or dimming at any time, mood setting and lighting for one or multiple rooms.

Upon installation the customer has complete lighting control from a remote control or mobile device, from anywhere and at any time, by one or multiple users.