20W IP66 RGB Wallwasher

Features & Benefits
Combination of 3W single Chip RGB (Red, Green and Blue) LEDs arranged in a wallwasher fitting
Suitable for accent, building contour, wallwashing, grazing and landscape lighting
Static colour and colour changing modes via DMX control
Powder coated corrosion resistant finish and tempered glass
25º beam angle
Up to 100 fixtures can be interconnected and controlled per RGB controller
Plug and play connectors for Power and DMX cables available
Mounting brackets supplied
Use with single pattress box mountable, mains voltage DMX controller (AU-LED 400) to enable sixty colour modes, including static colours, 7 colour skip, gradual fade, 3 mode cycle. Controls up to 100 AU-LSW060B or AULSW120B LED
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  • LED Light Source
    LED Light Source
  • 240V
  • IP66
  • CE