B22 7W Dimmable Lamp

This is actually a Bayonet Fitting B22 Bulb. It dims from a warm white to a VERY warm white colour temperature, just like an old incandescent bulb that is on a dimmer. It is a really nice effect and has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Features & Benefits
CTA Dimming (Colour Temperature Adjusted)
Dims from soft tone to flame, lamps appear warmer when dimmed
TCS (temperature Control System) protects the internal electronics against overheating
7W High Power CREE LED
Mains supply voltage 220V - 240V
Very efficient with a power factor of 0.86
Lasts 40 times longer than an equivalent incandescent lamp (40,000 hrs)
Dimmable on most common dimmers
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  • CE
  • LED Light Source
    LED Light Source
  • 240V
  • Equipment for Indoor Use
    Equipment for Indoor Use